Info & Fees

How to Register

In order to participate in our Model UN conference, you must fill in the following forms within the deadlines specified below.




Form I

Due End of Oct 2021

End of October 2021

School Pre-Registration

In Form I, you register your interest in participating in our conference. You will tell us some basic information about your school and signal that you wish to receive updates on our conference.

After completing Form I, please fill in the Delegation Choice form too. This tells us the approximate size of your school’s delegation and whether you wish to participate in person or online. It is due by December 2021.

Form II

Due 23 Jan 2022

23 January 2022

Delegate Registration

Once you have filled in both of the above forms and the MilanMUN team has assigned one or more countries to your delegation, you can complete Form II. This is where you register your delegates’ personal information. After this, your registration is considered final, and we may ask you to find replacements should any of your delegates not be able to come.

Please make sure you also pay the fees within this deadline.

Form II

Due 21 Dec 2021

21 December 2021

Student Officers

Form III is dedicated to individual students from participating schools who wish to apply for chair positions.

Fees & Refunds

In-person delegations: €100/person (delegate or advisor)

All-online delegations: €20/person (non refundable; cf. our refund policy below)


Once all schools have successfully pre-registered and chosen a participation mode (online or in person), the MilanMUN team will assign countries to represent. When MUN advisors receive this info via email, they may proceed to fill in Form II to allocate their delegates. At that point, the number of delegates is considered final. MilanMUN issues an invoice via email including the total amount to pay and payment instructions. The final deadline to pay the fees is 23 January 2022.