Code of Online Conduct

The following code of conduct applies to any delegate attending the conference online



👉 All delegates must keep their camera on at all times, clearly showing their face on an appropriate background. Delegates may use the “change background” feature of Google Meet, but they may not upload personalised images. The chairing team may request a delegate turn on their camera at any time while committees are in session and may expel them from the meeting without warning when they fail to abide by their instructions.

👉 Should a delegate experience technical difficulties with their camera or microphone, they must tell their chairing team immediately at the start of each session or (at the chairs’ request) at any time during the meeting. If such difficulties occur during a debate, delegates may either: a) inform the chairing team by raising a point of personal privilege (making sure not to interrupt the speaker); b) wait for the chairing team to acknowledge the issue and give an explanation when asked to do so; c) submit a ticket to the admin staff if they have reason to believe the issue does not have to do with their own equipment or connection.

👉 Formal clothing is required during all sessions. All delegates, members of the chairing team, and admin staff will follow the conference’s dress code.

👉 Delegates must refrain from sharing their screen at all times, unless instructed to do so by their committee’s chairing team.

👉 Delegates shall keep their microphones muted at all times, unless they have been given permission to speak by the chairing team.

👉 Eating is forbidden while committees are in session. Smoking is strictly prohibited at all times and will result in immediate removal from the meeting and in possible further disciplinary action.

Social Interactions

👉 All delegates must strive to keep a polite, respectful, and professional tone in all their communications and interactions with other delegates, chairs, staff, and advisors. Profanity, abuse, and deliberately mocking behaviour will not be tolerated under any circumstances and will result in severe disciplinary action.

👉 There will be no direct communication between delegates outside of authorised channels (i.e., Google Meet’s chat feature and Google Forms for “note passing”).

👉 Private communications between MilanMUN 2021 delegates must keep a friendly tone and positive and constructive attitude; they are subject to systematic checks by admin staff and may be made available to MilanMUN 2021 advisors upon request. Staff is instructed to block any communication that violates any of the above guidelines and to report repeat offenders to the MilanMUN 2021 executive board for further action.

Fair Use of School Accounts

👉 Delegates shall be granted access and use of ad hoc accounts for the duration and the purposes of MilanMUN 2021. They do not have the right to use them before or after the conference and must not personalise any setting during the conference. They must not change the password, even if prompted to do so by any Google Suite app. Support tickets should be raised with staff for all login-related issues.

👉 School accounts are shared among delegations and, for this reason, they must not be used for any personal communication. Authorised uses include accessing pre-scheduled online meetings via Google Meet, responding to Google Forms, and accessing resolution and other relevant documents via Google Docs. Any other use is preemptively considered illegitimate and subject to sanctions unless explicitly authorised by the committee’s chairing team or the executive board.

👉 For privacy reasons, Gmail has been disabled on school accounts used for debating. Meets cannot be initiated by delegates either.

👉 All the online activities involving the use of school accounts are subject to the school’s policies and any breach thereof may result in termination of the account and of the participant’s right to join online meetings. The delegates’ activity will be scrutinised by school administration for the duration of the conference.

Privacy, Media & Disclaimer

👉 Delegates’ identities are protected for the duration of the conference while they use school accounts; if they use them correctly, they are guaranteed their full name will never appear in any authorised screenshot or recording of the events. They may choose to disclose personal details to other delegates in private (i.e., through note passing), but they must refrain from posting personal information in the online meetings at all times.

👉 Recorded sessions, as well as associated materials used for publicity purposes, are the property of Civico Polo Scolastico “A. Manzoni” and can only be used for the purposes for which they were intended.

👉 Delegates and advisors are prohibited from storing or sharing MilanMUN Meet links with any outside person, as well as any link to Forms, online boards, and tools used during the conference. Streaming links are available for every event and will be shared in advance; they may be forwarded to third parties.

👉 It is the responsibility of all participants to know and abide by the laws of the state which govern their Internet use and general conduct.

👉 By taking part in any online activity related to MilanMUN, all participants acknowledge they have read and understood the contents of this Code. They accept that any harm, damage or distress, both physical and emotional, that may result from their participation in the conference does not fall under the direct responsibility of Civico Polo Scolastico “A. Manzoni” or any of its employees and collaborators for the duration of the online conference.

👉 Failure to abide by any provision of this Code of Online Conduct will result in disciplinary action, including the delegate’s suspension from MilanMUN, the termination of their participation in the conference, and the reporting of their action to advisors and teachers.

The MilanMUN Team