Note Passing

Opting In

Note passing at MilanMUN 2022 is entirely digital. To participate, whether you are attending in person or online, you must first opt in and enter a personal email address. You will receive notes from fellow delegates there. Your email address is not disclosed to anyone, including fellow delegates, and it will not be used for any purpose other than sending you the notes you receive.

Start by opting in using the button below.

Sending and Receiving Notes

Once you opt in, you can start sending and receiving notes. To send a new note, open the Delegate Centre and choose your committee.

Then, choose Note Passing. The form allows you to send a note to a fellow delegate in your committee.


Notes are monitored and delivered by our admin staff. Delegates must abide by our Code of Online Conduct.

❌ Full names, addresses, phone numbers & other personal info
❌ Abuse and inappropriate behaviour
❌ Non-English or gibberish
✅ Friendly, constructive messages
✅ Social media handles