Committees and Issues

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MilanMUN 2020

2nd – 4th April 2020

University of Milan-Bicocca



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Background papers for the following topics will become available once student officers are assigned to the committees.



Committees and Issues

General Assembly

  • The Protection of Rainforests

Security Council

  • The Rising Tensions in the Middle East
  • Crisis in the Sub-Saharan Area
  • [TBA]

DISEC (Disarmament & International Security)

  • Efforts to Increase the Number of Member States Ratifying the Ban of Nuclear Weapons
  • Banning Depleted Uranium Ammunition
  • Enhancing Efforts for the Removal of Landmines Worldwide

Human Rights

  • Evaluating the Impact of Body-Modifying Cultural Practices on the Physical Integrity of Citizens
  • Complete Eradication of All Forms of Slavery
  • The Question of Southbound Migrants in the Sub-Saharan Area


  • The Protection of Journalists Working in War Zones
  • Mass-Surveillance Systems: Limiting the Scope of State-Sponsored Information-Gathering Practices
  • How to Deal with Imprisoned Jihadists in Former War Zones


  • Tackling Links Between Health Conditions and the Environment
  • Measures to Combat Desertification Due to Climate Change
  • Enhancing Cooperation to Save Lake Aral