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Country choice 

30th November 2018

It is where you register your intention of participating in the conference indicating an approximate number of students you wish to bring.

When filling in Form 1 you should indicate 3 preferences of countries you would like to represent. Please consult the list on the website ‘Country List 2019’.

After the deadline of November 30th the MUN Secretariat will consider the choices made by each school and will assign countries accordingly. Normally we try and give each school at least 1 of their first three preferences. Obviously this depends on how many schools make the same choices. We try and accommodate as much as possible. Once we have assigned countries we will inform everyone.

Historical Committee: Please consult, on the website, the separate list of countries for this committee. Please indicate a choice of 2 countries from this list and write in the field ‘Comments’ how many students you have who want to participate in this Committee. You will be assigned a country for each one. Depending on the demand we have we may not be able to accommodate more than 2 students per school.

Please consult the list on the website ‘List of historical committee members



15th January 2019

It is where you register your final number of students and place them in committees. You must place 1 student per country in each committee . It doesn’t matter if you don’t have enough students to cover all committees but it is i mportant to remember that if you are assigned a Security Council country you must have 1 student representing the country in that committee.

Start a new registration for each country.


Student officer application

30th November 2018

STUDENT OFFICER APPLICATION (COMMITTEE CHAIRS) If any of your students are interested in applying for Committee Chair position (we have about 5 positions available) they should fill in the appropriate form on the website (deadline 30th November). If you have more than one student who is interested we would appreciate an indication from the MUN Advisor on the student’s competence and abilities. Advisors can write to