Background papers

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Political Committee The question of revisionism concerning historical monuments Lorenzo Samperi
The questions of dealing with child prisoners-soldiers belonging to unrecognised armed forces Nikolaos Syrris Tsompanopoulos

The Kurdish question

Kurdish question update

Lisa Hogholt
Human Rights Committee The question of social and health care for the aged Sarah Elif Edwards
The question of forced and arranged marriages Alice Biscuola
Reconsidering international rules for citizenship Beatrice Foti
Ecosoc Committee The question of the construction of a new canal connecting the Pacific and the Atlantic Giulia Tronconi
The question of preparation in case of natural disasters and consequent protection of population and infrastructures Tommaso Stoppani
The question of state imposed vaccinations Beatrice Ghiringhelli Cavallo
Disarmament Committee Enforcing stricter rules concerning the sale of weapons worldwide Sofia Frabotti 
Considering the creation of demilitarized zones in Central Europe David Oliver Barouh
Enhancing the process of dismatling nuclear weapons as established by UN Treaty on the Prohibition of nuclear Weapons dated 7th July 2017 Giulia Dargenio
Environment Committee Measures to reduce meat consumption Teresa Tessari
Enforcing COP 21  Horia Mocamu
The question of the waste disposal of plastics Milagros Magaz
Security Council The Question of Yemen Francesca Pinciroli
Enhancing the democratic proces in Venezuela Arianna Premoli
The question of Palestine

Margherita Rugarli

draft by Maria Paula Hernandez
Historical Committee The missile crisis in Cuba – Vietnam Simone Manzi
Valeria Cavezzali
General Assembly  Radical Islamic threats in the states of the Russian Federation Mattia Colombo
Giorgia Beretta
Carmen Cojocaru