Background papers

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Student Officer

Security Council

The spread of terrorism in Subsaharan Africa

Sofía Heras



DC Enforcing the UN ban of nuclear weapons


Measures to decrease the rising tension in Eastern Ukraine


Lucas Bertola


Margherita Rugarli





The urgency to improve COP21   


E The problem of waste disposal in the Himalayan mountains


E The removal of depleted uranium ammunition in former war zones



Veronica Cinquini


Lama Jampa Osal


Vlad Dobre


Historical Commettee

June 25th 1950 the attempt to reunify Korea


The Suez Crisis 1956


Paolo D’Elicio


Camilla Grezar



Human Rights

Enhancing the Human Rights Council resolution 35_21  


Respecting the rights of indigenous populations affected by infrastructural projects


The question of the deteriorating situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories



Andrea Selvatici


Serena Revelli



Beatrice Ferazzini

General Assembly