MilanMUN 2020 Secretariat

Messages from our 2020 Secretariat.

Photo portrait of MilanMUN 2020's secretary general

Margherita Matilda Rugarli

Secretary General

Fellow MUNers,

My name is Margherita and I’m so honoured to serve as MilanMUN2020 Secretary General alongside my fellow Deputy Secretary General and the President of the General Assembly.

MilanMUN2020 is going to be my tenth and unfortunately last conference, but I’m so proud of where I’ve come in these five years. If I had to choose one single message to give out to you, Delegates and Chairs, it would probably be to leave for MUN conferences with at least a plan B (maybe even a plan C) but then to forget about that as soon as enter your committee. Remember that you’re the chore of MUN, the inspiration, the beating heart. And none of that can be prepared.

Photo portrait of MilanMUN 2020's undersecretary general

Maria Paola Goggi

Undersecretary General

Dear fellow MUNers,

My name is Maria Paola and I am incredibly honoured to be serving as MilanMun2020 Deputy Secretary General, alongside Secretary General Margherita and President of the General Assembly Michele.

This conference is going to be my last one and I’m deeply proud to end my MUN career with this particular conference, as it has always meant the world to me. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt during these years is to never be afraid of raising your placard. Always try to make your point valid and have fun with all the people you have around. Delegates, chairs, advisors, staff members and press team: all roles are essential for MUN to be amazing, find the one you like the most and then go for it!

Photo portrait of MilanMUN 2020's president of GA

Michele Mauri

President of the General Assembly

Greetings, Fellow MUNers,

My name is Michele (Misha), and I’m deeply honoured to be serving as MilanMUN2020’s President of the General Assembly, together with my fellow Secretary General Margherita and Undersecretary General Maria Paola.

This year’s MilanMUN conference is going to be my last, at least for a while. Having been through 10 conferences and looking forward to my eleventh one, I am more than proud of what I have been able to achieve, though I know full well I could, and should, have done more. As the time of this year’s conference dawns upon us, I feel like I have so many words of advice I should share with you but, if I were forced to choose one, I would definitely choose this: fix your sights on an objective, and fight to get it. MUN is a simulation of the works of the UN and is therefore about diplomacy, that’s true; however, you will be representing a Country, and you will be trying to get the best possible outcome for your Country, which means you have to be both able and willing to fight tooth to nail, using ace up your diplomatic sleeve, your charisma and your knowledge to win the debate. Always remember this: if you work hard enough, no matter how rough the path may be, you will eventually get where you want, so be brave, be strong, and fight for the Country you represent.