MilanMUN 2020 Closing Ceremony

On 16th April 2020, as the CoVID-19 epidemic was ravaging Europe and strict social distancing measures were in place, we hosted a brief video closing ceremony of sorts for the MilanMUN that never was. It was an occasion to celebrate the commitment and hard work of some of our students, for whom MilanMUN 2020 should have been the best conclusion to a long MUN journey while at La Manzoni.

We wish to express our gratitude to everyone who worked for MilanMUN 2020, including external student officers who had kindly volunteered to preside over our committees: Timothy Jacobi, Görkem Yurttaş, Utku Egemen Umut, Noah Catharina de Mooij, and Valérie Van Anken. We were not able to include them in the videoconference.

The extensive research reports drafted by all of our chairs are an excellent testament to their dedication to MilanMUN, alongside their video messages below. In addition, our wonderful secretariat—Margherita Matilda Rugarli, Maria Paola Goggi, and Michele “Misha” Mauri—left personal messages for fellow MUNers. Without them, the first thing about MilanMUN 2020 would not have been possible.

(…don’t forget to check out some funny bits that did not make the final cut!—includes some Italian chit-chat)