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The Manzoni High School originated from an idea of Carlo Tenca who wanted to provide women with an all round education according to the new role created for them by the unification of Italy. Mr. Tenca wanted to create a modern school which would be relevant to the social reality of his time.

In 1861 Milan City Council approved the foundation of Civica Scuola Superiore Femminile. In 1886 on the XXV Anniversary of its foundation, breitling replica watches the school was dedicated to Alessandro Manzoni. In 1935 the school became a High School for the teaching of foreign languages and literature which was legally approved by the Ministry of Education with a special decree granting students access to the faculties of foreign language and literature at the following universities: The Bocconi University of Milan , The Catholic University of Milan and The Institute of Economics in Venice.

Furthermore with the same decree it was stated that all private schools should "conform" audemars piguet replica watches; to the programmes of Manzoni High School in Milan. In 1973 the school reeived official recognition as a Language Teaching High School and with the same decree access was granted to all university faculties. In 1977 male students were admitted. At present the Civico Liceo Linguistico A. Manzoni has two centres,swiss replica watches in via Rubattino n. 6 and in via Lamennais, 20