2011 - Model United Nations

Milanmun Conference 2011
Thursday 7th April to Saturday 9th April.


Dear delegates, student officers and MUN directors, welcome!
We are very excited to have you at the   7th MilanMUN conference this year.  Ever since its beginning, Model United Nations has aimed at bringing people with different backgrounds together and raising awareness of the world’s most pressing issues, firmly believing that if the older generations have not yet found a fitting solution, it is up to us – the young people of today- to cooperate in order to overcome our differences and create a better world in the future.
MUN is also a great way to see the problems from a different perspective: being a delegate form a country which is not your own is definitely inspiring, because it forces you to take into consideration other points of view and broadens your horizons.
That  is the core of the message that our conference wants to convey: it is vital that the younger generations of different countries work together past their differences and learn something about the world we live in, while, of course, having fun.
This year the topics debated in MilanMUN will be both innovative, such as the issue of the rights of same gender couples, and traditional, such as climate change. Furthermore, this will be the first time that MilanMUN has its own Security Council, and we are very excited about it!  I’m looking forward to meeting you all at the conference!

Yours, Sara Tornielli – Secretary General





A warm welcome to all members of MilanMun 2011.
MilanMun has always distinguished itself for being a friendly and very encouraging conference. In fact, it is our priority to be as constructive as possible and to cooperate both with the most experienced participants and with the newcomers. MilanMun wants to be an invitation to become aware of your own potential and to take advantage of it: we aim at spurring all delegates into action and into deeper knowledge of international issues. Strict procedures and formality are not our only interests: members are encouraged to tease out new ideas and to bring up their passion for solving problems on a multicultural scale.  This is the spirit of MilanMun: cooperation and understanding of everyone’s point of view. We must remember that initiatives like ours have an objective. Such objective is shaping a new generation that on the one hand takes a critical look at modern times and on the other is able to mediate and to see through the eyes of ‘the other’. Thanks a lot for coming and giving us this unique opportunity. We are looking forward to meeting you all!

Yours,Greta Ferrario – Under Secretary General


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