2016 - Model United Nations
Hello everybody!

My name is Teodora and I’m 18. I’m a senior at Manzoni High School in Milan and I have the opportunity and honour to be SG at MilanMUN 2016.
I joined MUN during my first year of high school and have enjoyed being part of it ever since. I have attended eight conferences so far and will be concluding my MUN career with the upcoming session of MilanMUN.
I'm glad that in the world we live in there is such an important international organization as the United Nations, capable of giving voice to every country that is part of it and aiming at maintaining peace, stability and at addressing matters of global importance to make the world a better place.
As for Model United Nations, it means very much to me, it is both hard work and commitment, but also and most importantly a way to express thoughts and ideas, to grow as a person, to have fun and to make tons of new friends all over the world. An Mun conference is a place where equality, respect and collaboration reign and where everyone is taught to live by such values.replica watches
I expect all of you Muners to come full of energy to this conference and to be ready to change the world debating, as real UN delegates do!
My suggestion for you is to enjoy the conference and the city of Milan to its fullest with a smile on your face and meet as many people as you can, because we all know what post-MUN depression feels like!!

See you soon,
Teodora Marinescu
Welcome to the 2016 MilanMUN conference. My name is Jessica Mosso Pinto and  I’m in  my last year at Manzoni High School and I have the honour, during this conference, of being your Deputy Secretary General.
Participating in Model United Nations during my school career has meant a lot to me and it has helped me discover a whole new world of  experiences such as travelling, coming into contact  with many great personalities of diplomacy and making friends all over the world.  Unfortunately my MUN career is reaching its conclusion and I cannot but say that I will always carry these memories with me. After having participated in five  conferences, the consciousness that all of this is coming  to an end makes me a little sad but does not demotivate me to actively work for its success nor to expect a great job from all of you.
My dear guests, the only advice I can give is not to be shy or afraid to speak up. Enjoy this opportunity with enthusiasm and don’t give up on yourselves. Look upon these days of the conference as a means for individual growth and I’m sure that this conference will give you something to look back on as a time of great personal  improvement.
Waiting to see you, I wish you all worthy experience!

Jessica Mosso Pinto

Hello everybody!
I warmly welcome all of you to this year’s Milan Model United Nations conference.
My name is Federico, I’m 18 and I’m a student in the last year of Manzoni high school. During this conference I will have the honour to be the President of the General Assembly. This is going to be a great chance for me and a wonderful occasion to conclude my MUN experience as positively as possible.
In the course of the years I have attended MUN workshops and conferences, MUN has been really important to me: I  started workshops when I was 15 years old and since then it has allowed me to meet new people worldwide, to practice English, to get to know new facts about current events and, most importantly, to mature my own opinion on what is going on in the world.
I have taken part in many international and national MUN conferences, such as Barcelona, Duesseldorf, Turin, Genoa and Istanbul. Each of them has helped me to mature my knowledge of the diplomatic world and has led me to a personal growth.
Last year I sadly did not have the chance to participate in Milan MUN conference, since I was spending part of my school year in China. However, it meant another occasion to experience a  new culture which is totally different from our European and Western culture and I had the opportunity to see the world from a different viewpoint. This has added greatly to my personal growth and the experiences I had in China have not only enriched me as a person but are important for me as a delegate!
This will unfortunately be my last MUN conference as a Manzoni student. Nevertheless, I’m really looking forward to it, hoping to get the best from it and helping everyone to experience a good conference here.

See you in Milan!
Federico Crespi, PGA


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Last update 09/03/2016

Secretary General

 Measures to counteract the spread of global diseases
 The Chairs


Drug trafficking
Giovanna Elisabetta Ingrassia Munoz

Measures to counteract the creation of new nuclear weapons systems
Stefano Cotugno

Measures to prevent international recruitment of foreign fighters
Marta Marcos Saleras


Guaranteeing the right to full access to new international communication routes
Mattia Colombo

Recommendations to regulate land investments respecting the environment, human rights and the rights of the local populations
Carmen Cojocaru

Reviewing the question of demographic dynamics and sustainability

Filiberto Musso


 Relaunching the Kyoto protocol and COP 21
Martina Tria

The question of Genetically Modified Organisms in agriculture
Giulia Valeri

The practice of fracking
Antonio Sartori

Human Rights

Preserving religious tolerance in Lebanon
Alessandra Pisati

International response to migration in South-East Asia
Diego Arteche

New Solutions to Eradicate Poverty
Alice Devenuto


The Question of Yemen
Maria Juliana Fernandez

Tackling the expansion of terrorist groups in the Sub-Saharan Africa
Michela Pasi

The question of stabilizing the Ucraine


Security Council

Measures to create a Palestinian state
Anna Riti

Measures to stabilize the political, economic and social situation in Venezuela
Eleonora Pigoli

The question of Syria



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