2015 - Model United Nations

Honorable Delegates, respectable Student Officers, most distinguished MUN Advisors and dear Guests,

As the Secretary General of this Conference, it is with great pleasure that I welcome you all to the 10th edition of the MilanMUN at Bocconi University.
My name is Alessandro Secchi, I am 18 years old and, hence, a senior at Manzoni High School.
When I first heard of MUN I was not even interested and later, when I decided to start taking part in it, I could not imagine how interested I was going to become. I considered MUN only as a means to improve my English abilities and to enjoy myself. Actually, this is partly true, but nowadays MUN means so much more to me.
During my career in MUN I have met a lot of interesting people and worked with them in different roles. I have tackled numerous situations, I have heard brilliant ideas coming from the most unexpected people and I have seen many outstanding performances, I have seen students working hard and seriously and gradually building up their self-confidence. In a few words, I have experienced the magic of MUN and this helped, and still helps, me in becoming more mature.

Although through the years I have seen and heard a lot, I hope, and I am actually sure, that there is still a lot to be heard and many new ideas still to be debated. I have great hopes for this MilanMUN conference and I am deeply convinced that we, working in unison, will be able to do a great job, perhaps even surpassing my expectations. I am really looking forward to meeting you all and to working with you, to hearing your proposals debated and to finding ideas that the World may in the future benefit from.
In conclusion, I hope to see us, people of the future, studying, proposing and collaborating to face important global issues. This is what I call  growing up.

Yours faithfully,

Alessandro Secchi,
Secretary General

Honorable delegates, fellow student officers, distinguished MUN advisors and guests, I would like to give you all a warm welcome to 2015 MilanMUN Conference. First of all, I would like to introduce myself: my name is Nicole Buzzetti, I’m 18 years old and currently attending my last year at Manzoni high school. I’m more than honored to take part in this year’s MilanMUN Conference in the role of Under-Secretary General. I remember when I first took up MUN in my school four years ago and saw many passionate delegates and chairs putting all their efforts and time in the MUN, and I also remember thinking I was never going to be like that. But the truth is that, conference after conference, MUN has become what I love doing and what has helped me the most in my cultural development. MUN helped me boost my confidence, develop critical thinking and learn how to speak in public, which is not something you learn easily; and above all, it made me aware of worldwide issues. If you still think this is not remarkable enough, thanks to MUN I have made many great friends and participating in a conference always turns out to be a lot of fun. I’m sure that this year’s Conference will be of an outstanding level and I can’t wait to see the resolutions you will come up with. I hope all of you will enjoy this MilanMUN conference as much as we have enjoyed organizing it and that you will take back with you great memories and experience,
Best Regards,

Nicole Buzzetti,
Under-Secretary General

Honourable Delegates, fellow Student Officers, distinguished MUN advisors and dear guests, As the President of the General Assembly, I would, hereby, like to welcome you all to the 10th edition of MilanMUN.
My name is Christian Mauro, I'm 18 years old and I'm currently spending my last few months at Manzoni High School.
In my modest opinion, MUN is one of those opportunities that you're offered once in a lifetime. I joined Model of the United Nations just out of pure curiosity, if at first I didn't completely realise the meanings and outcomes of it, now I can easily consider it one of the best decisions I've ever taken. MUN is for those students willing to be the force of change, haiving their ideas and voice heard, not for the students who are still waiting for everything to be delivered straight in their hands. Further more, participating in such a conference does teach you a thing or two. Lobbying, sharing ideas, public speaking, critical thinking, global problem solving... They all do sound pretty tempting, don't they? Apart from being interesting, owning all these skills will surely prove to be beneficial in anyone's future career.
I do already know in advancethat the debate of MilanMUN 2015 will be of an outstanding standard thanks to each of you, but still, I'm looking forward to seeing the solutions you'll come up with.
Yours faithfully,

Christian Mauro
President of the General Assembly


General Information on Conference


 An outline of country policies 

Luigi Cadelli


Secretary General

Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Alessandro Secchi
Nicole Buzzetti
Christian Mauro


The question of the presence of military forces in conflict zone

Annabel Kling

Protecting the UN peacekeeping forces in the central African area
(Darfur, Somalia, Central African Republic)

Silvia Casalicchio

The question of nuclear development in the Republic of Iran

Camilla Riccadonna


Developing Strategies to Prevent and Deal with Pandemics

Shelly Hanani

Measures to relaunch the world economy

Giovanna Ingrassia

The question of the reconstruction of Haiti

Francesca Radaelli


Prevention of natural disasters due to unregulated and indiscriminate urbanization

Ulijana Urosevic

Measures to regulate the future Transpolar Sea Route (TSR)

Alessio Monti

Improving access to water as a common good

Ilaria Zais

Human Rights

The question of recrudescence of slavery

Giulia Limone

The question of integration of disabled people in society

Stefania Oggioni

Preventing suicides among farmers in India due to economic issues

Joonho Kong


‘Redefining the role and partecipation in the ICC with respect to its mission’

Giulia Valeri

Redefining the U.N drug policy

Álvaro Farrás Aumesquet

Political violence in Myanmar

Beatrice Campanella

Security Council

Establishing an atmosphere of détente in the China Sea area

Edoardo Rundeddu

The question of Kurdish minorities in the Middle East

Fahmi Kenzi

Possible solutions for a pacification in Ukraine

Martina Ferri

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