2014 - Model United Nations
Honorable delegates, fellow student officers, distinguished MUN directors and guests,
My name is Thomas Samer Tarawneh and I am deeply honored to introduce myself as this year’s conference’s Secretary General.
I took up MUN at my school four years ago and have participated in ten conferences since.This being my eleventh and last conference it will be with great sadness that I’ll have to say good bye to the MUN world. Yet, ending this wonderful experience which has given me so much still reminds me of the time I began, as some of you might be at their first experience. I firmly believe that if it hadn’t been for more experienced people instilling in me a sense of fondness for MUN, I would probably not be so passionate about it now. Owing to that, it would be thrilling for me to do the same with you during this conference and yet I’m a bit scared of not being able to live up to this challenge.
This year’s agenda is in my opinion very interesting and I believe most of you have found it very stimulating. I’m curious to know about all the interesting solutions you’ll be putting forward for debate especially in the GA on Saturday . I’m more than satisfied with this year’s chairs’ team who, I hope, will be able to make debate at committee time as much interesting for you as productive for the committee and the conference as a whole. I expect all of you to show the due seriousness when requested but also to enjoy this conference and have fun.
I hope this will be a time to remember for all of us !!!
Warmest Regards,
Thomas S. Tarawneh
Secretary General

 Honourable delegates, fellow student officers and respectable MUN Advisors,
a warm welcome to the 10th edition of MilanMun. My name is Sara Santambrogio, and I am honoured to be this year’s President of the General Assembly. I am 18 years old, and I’m currently spending my last few months at Manzoni High School in Milan before graduating and hopefully moving on to university.panerai replica watches
During  the last few years, MUN has played a very important role in my life. My MUN experience started four years ago, during my second year of high school; since then, I’ve participated to 10 conferences, both as a delegate and as a student officer, and this will be my eleventh and last one. It is not an exaggeration to state that MUN has greatly contributed to change my approach to the world and to life in general. In fact, when four years ago I attended my first MUN workshop at school, I was a shy girl, who would have never dreamt of going up to a podium to discuss world issues with strangers; quite frankly, I was a bit terrified of what could have happened. But during these years MUN has taught me that, in order to grow up and overcome one’s fear, you have to take up challenges and stop thinking about what can go wrong. I’ve learned that there is a whole world waiting for us, if we only are brave enough to face our weaknesses and step out of our comfort zone. MUN has also taught me the value of hard work and dedication, and that efforts, ultimately, always pay.
That being said, I am deeply convinced that us young people have the power to change things. What we do may seem insignificant, but in reality it’s a small, and yet important, contribution to the big, worthy project to change the world and make it a better place. I think this is the ultimate goal of MUN, and I am sure that in these few days of conference we will reach concrete and intelligent solutions to issues as important as territorial disputes in India, the rights of the Kurdish people, or the development of urban areas, just to quote a few.
I am sure this will be a wonderful conference, and I really look forward to meeting all of you at the end of March.

Best regards,
Sara Santambrogio
President of the General Assembly

Honourable delegates, fellow Student Officers, distinguished MUN advisors and dear guests, first of all, I would like to give you all a very warm welcome to our MilanMUN conference.  My name is Rachele Noemi Polli and I am 19 year’s old.  I am honoured to be participating in this year’s conference in the role of Deputy Secretary General. I took up MUN when I joined Manzoni high school in my third year and immediately loved it.  So far I have participated in eight MUN conferences and I am thrilled  to say that I have been able to learn something from each and every one. During these three years I have also seen just how much MUN makes young people grow from different aspects. Not only do we become aware of worldwide issues but we also learn how to deal with them and try to solve them through constructive, fruitful and diplomatic debates. We understand how to confront each other in a civil way whilst exchanging ideas and fortifying ones self-confidence and improving ones debating and communication abilities.  We have the possibility to learn about new cultures and traditions whilst attending conferences but also by meeting new people and making friends. What we do at MUN is indeed a simulation but I feel it’s a lot more than that: it is an amazing experience with infinite possibilities that should be seized and cherished. It is a group of young students working as individuals but also together, as one, to produce something  concrete in order to make the world a better place. I am really looking forward to meeting you all and to having what I must unfortunately consider as my final experience in my MUN career.  I  wish you all a fantastic conference and hope that you will be able to take something special from this amazing opportunity and cherish it. 

Kind regards,
Yours sincerely,
Rachele Noemi Polli,            
Deputy Secretary General.



General Information on Conference

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Secretary General

Efforts to pacify the social and military conflicts in disputed territories in India Rachele Noemi Polli - Sara Santambrogio - Thomas Tarawneh


The question of illegal trafficking of small weapons related to organized crime.
Zoe von Gerlach

Enforcing the ban on the use of chemical weapons
Valeria Sturla

Reviewing the Nuclear Arms Treaty (START) in consideration of the new world situation

Bernadita Botto


The question of the impact of corruption on development Beyza Gülal


Eleonora Bahadour

The Question of the use of the Outer Space

Alessandro Secchi


Establishing guidelines to monitor and limit fishing and hunting of endangered species

Silvia Marzona

Question of ecological recovery of deforested areas

Cora Griswold

Development of urban areas to guarantee a healthier lifestyle in LEDC's

Nazlı Altıok

Human Rights

Reviewing Results and Progress in the Fight to Overcome Poverty and Hunger Lucia Muntadas-Prim


Elena Cervetti

The question of illegal intrusion in communication systems

Martina Poli


The question of recognition of the rights of Kurdish people

Benedetta Landi

The question of the new Israeli settlements in Palestinian Territory

Maria Paula Hernandez

Religious intolerance and extremism in MEDCs

Valentina Gallipoli

Security Council

Reform of the Security Council
Bora Aşık

Dealing with the rising tension in the Western part of Africa
Defne Cezayirli

Reviewing and Requalifying UN Peace Keeping Operations
Result of a workshop

Last update 13/03/2014

Location :

Civico Liceo Linguistico A. Manzoni - Via Grazia Deledda, 11 Milano

Università Bocconi Aula Magna - via Gobbi, 5 Milano


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