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Honourable delegates, fellow officers and dear advisors,
my name is Chiara Piva and I am honoured to introduce myself as the Secretary General of MilanMUN 2013. I am 18 years old and I’m in my last year of high school at Liceo Linguistico Manzoni in Milan, Italy. I have been involved in MUN for four years and this will be my sixth, and unfortunately, last conference. I am eager to fulfill this role and I will do my best to ensure a successful organization, a fruitful debate and an environment where everyone can feel comfortable to express themselves with confidence.

During all these years MUN has been for me more than just going to conferences and debating. It has taught me to be aware of and to deal with the serious problems facing our world, to work in a team, to overcome my limitations and fears, to make efforts in order to reach my goals and to be proud of myself and of my work. It has been a unique experience of commitment, collaboration, courage, strength of will and, last but not least, friendship. It is something that I will keep with me for the rest of my life, both for the skills it has helped me acquire and for the memories it has left me. I truly hope MilanMUN will be an inspiring, memorable (and fun!) experience for you all.

I look forward to meeting you in April!

Best regards,

Chiara Piva
Secretary General


Dear MilanMUN Participants,
My name is Martina Ghinetti, I am 15 years old and I am in my second year of High School at Deledda International School in Genoa. It is my great pleasure and honour to undertake the position of Under Secretary-General in the upcoming MilanMUN conference.
Model United Nations has become a significant part of my life: not only does it offer several opportunities to get to know many different yet amazing people, but also it broadens cultural horizons.
I will not spend a lot of time and words on my MUN experience – on the whole I have attended 10 conferences, one of them being in India – because I would rather focus on something more interesting: us.
We are the youth that will make a change in the near future. Despite some adults not believing in our potential, we are here to prove them wrong. We will be debating burning issues such as the question of nuclear power, Palestine and terrorism. We are the leaders of tomorrow: as such, we must be ready to face the consequences of what our parents’ generation has caused, and possibly, light up a spark that will revolutionize the current world situation for the better.
I cannot wait to see what solutions delegates come up with and I am sure the quality of the debate will be very high.
With your participation, you all are showing you want to make a change. You will make a change and, for that, you should be proud of yourselves.
Yours faithfully,
Martina Ghinetti

Honourable officers, fellow delegates and MUN directors, distinguished guests, a warm welcome to the 8th MilanMUN conference. My name is Monica Barki and I will be holding the position of President of the General Assembly in MilanMUN.  I am very honoured to take part in such a significant event because this will be my 7th and last conference.
Model United Nations has been for several years an enlightening experience for students from all over the world to come into contact with  different cultural backgrounds and exchange points of view and personal ideas with people belonging to diverse cultural contexts in order to find a fitting solution to the most crucial issues of our planet.
It is vital to bear in our minds that the aim of Model United Nations is to cooperate and to reach an adequate compromise.  Voltaire once said “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to death your right to say it”; this quotation expresses exactly the spirit of  MUN and consequently of an ideal democratic debate. We hope that our delegates and officers will strive to reach  this aim when debating and discussing.
I am looking forward to the General Assembly where we are going to deal with a a very burning topic, the question of establishing guidelines for a democratic outcome of a situation in Syria. We firmly believe in the delegates' skills to give birth to a passionate and active debate so as to create an effective resolution that could pass with a strong majority in the General Assembly.
We are very excited about meeting you all and seeing  you in action in MilanMUN 2013

Monica Barki


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Secretary General

Establishing guidelines for a democratic outcome of the situation in Syria

Chiara Piva
Martina Ghinetti
Monica Barki


Naval deployments in Asia-1

Elena di Maio

The control of the use of mercenaries in conflict zones

Arianna Damaske

The question of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East

Pedro De Esteban Brugarolas


The question of the creation of an International seed bank.

Lorenzo Angè

The creation of a UN rating agency

Yong Woo Kim
Preserving the rights of local fishermen in MAURETANIA

Giorgia Riganti


Reclaiming Lands Devastated in Conflicts

Chaterine Hinzner


Miranda Spiga

The question of the preservation of  WETLANDS.

Isabella Revenl

Human Rights

The Respect Of Human Rights in Libya

Pierfilippo Natta

Affirming humane conditions of detained persons in detention centres

Federica Carriere

Protecting the female labour force in the Mexican Maquiladoras Natasha Colombo


The Creation of a Palestinian State

Sara Santambrogio

Terrorism in Thailand

Serena Melgrati
The question of stabilization in the Horn of Africa

Margherita Carrozzo

Security Council

Stabilizing the political situation in Central Asian Republics

Barbara Lionetti
Establishing guidelines for international interventions

Rachele Noemi Polli

Reforming the Security Council

Silvia Maria Schwarz

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 Location :

Civico Liceo Linguistico A. Manzoni - Via Grazia Deledda, 11 Milano

Università Bocconi Aula Magna - via Gobbi, 5 Milano


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