2012 - Model United Nations
  Honorable delegates, fellow officers and dear advisors, my name is Giacomo Sproccati and I am a strong supporter of Model United Nations and this year I have finally reached the important goal of holding the position of Secretary General therefore it is my pleasure to welcome you all to MilanMUN 2012!
Since in the previous years we had received a lot of requests to extend debate time, we have added an extra afternoon: we will be doing lobbying at Manzoni High School. Another important innovation this year is a completely new topic which will be lobbied and debated in the GA that will take place on Saturday morning. We hope that in this way delegates will be more motivated and they will also be livelier since it will be more available time to share their ideas.
We are all excited and are looking forward to MilanMUN 2012, we hope you share our same feelings! panerai luminor marina replica
  A warm welcome to all  Muners!
Once again we will be given the chance to meet and to discuss the  most important global issues. Being my fifth conference, I am both proud of the work we have done together through the years and sad, since it will be my last. Conference by conference, I discovered that Mun is not just 'Model United Nations': it's a way of growing up; and it shapes us in a better way, aware of what is happening in the world we live in and also conscious of the potentialities we all have. Moreover, it gives us the chance to have a glance at the ‘realities’ of other countries; on one hand we represent a state which is not ours, on the other we meet a lot of new people coming from other nations.
It is amazing how, so many young people from different backgrounds, can cooperate in such an active manner towards a better future.
That's the real Mun spirit and that is what I expect this year from you: I am deeply convinced that you will all participate in a constructive way: an enjoyable and memorable conference is waiting for us!
We are looking forward to see you at MilanMun 2012!
Yours, Giulia Spiriti – Undersecretary General

Hi to all!
I am Camilla Charlotte Bonifai, an Italo-English student from Liceo Linguistico G. Deledda in Genoa were I’m currently studying Spanish and Arabic.
I am 17 and I have been involved in MUN conferences since 2009.
My very first experience was with GeMiniMUN 2009 during my first year of High School, followed by GeMUN 2010 as a delegate in the Disarmament Committee.
In March of the same year I took part in SpiMUN always as a Delegate in the Disarmament Committee and in GeMiniMUN 2010 I had my first experience as a Chair.
I then participated in PaMUN 2011, in the French Capital, as a Delegate in EcoSOC, and was a Deputy Chair in the Disarmament Commitee in GeMUN 2011. Last november I took part in GeMiniMUN and I am now preparing for GeMUN 2012 were I will be a Chair in the Disarmament Committee and Co-President in the General Assembly.
For two years I have been part of the Experts Group, and this year of the Quality Panel too. I am also going to be responsible for the Workshop for future Chairs.

I am honoured to be the President of the General Assembly in the next Milan MUN that will be held at the end of March.
I cannot wait to meet all participants and I am looking forward to a great debate.

Best Regards,
Camilla Charlotte Bonifai


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Last update  17/03/2012
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General Assembly

Preventing the spread and development of extremist and racist publications in the media Giacomo Sproccati


Monitoring weapons in Central Africa
Gaia Rovelli

Reconsidering the implementation of new types of weapons and ammunitions in civil and military use


The question of the use of climate and nature as a means of destruction.



Guaranteeing minimum health care to all children Chiara Piva

The question of developing transport systems in order to facilitate trade and access to  resources
Carolina Rima

Ecosur: New economy

Anna Boyer


Facing the problem of air pollution in urban areas

Chiara Ventura

The question of the impact of biofuels on hunger and poverty

Ivaylo Mehandzhiev

The question of endangered territories due to climate change and rising sea levels

Clara Tondato Da Ruos

Human Rights

Establishing new guidelines for migrants in the present world situation
Gianluca Strada

Dealing with different aspects of racism and discrimination in sub-Saharan Africa

Claudine Cosulich

Guaranteeing the rights of people with special needs

G. Andrea Plazzi


The Palestine Question
Berke Bozkurt

Measures to protect the rights of individuals without endangering the freedom of the press

Greta Campiglio

Dismantling Illegal Detention Practices and Structures

Ateş Akgün

Security Council

Preventing repressive actions and/or military operations against ethnic and religious minorities

Monica Barki

Suggestions concerning new democratic structures in North Africa

Zeynep Taskin

Report on the fight against drug cartels in central and South America

Teoman Kenn Kucuk


Location :

Civico Liceo Linguistico A. Manzoni - Via Grazia Deledda, 11 Milano

Università Bocconi Aula Magna - via Gobbi, 5 Milano

Social Evening Le Banque Via Bassano Porrone, 6 Milano


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